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Boomers Palm Springs

Best Rock Wall in Palm Springs

Get ready to test your strength and willpower as you climb to the top of our 32 foot Rock Wall. Learn about the Rock Wall, unbeatable prices, and rules here!

Best Rock Wall in Palm Springs

Looking for a fun activity for the office Team Building Event or just to do with your kids?

The Rock Wall at Boomers Palm Springs offers fun and exercise as you climb your way to the top!

Test your strength and race your friends to the top of the 32 foot Rock Wall at Boomers Palm Springs! 

Be careful!  The higher you go the harder it gets!  Every Climber is harnessed in before starting their climb.  

Pay to climb twice or pay to climb all day!  


Two Climbs on the Rock Wall
$12.99 Per Game

2 Hours Unlimited Rides & Mini Golf
$21.99 online / $24.99 in park

4 Hour Unlimited Rides & Mini Golf
$29.99 online / $32.99 in park

All Day Unlimited Rides & Mini Golf
$36.99 online / $39.99 in park


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Online tickets must be printed out to be redeemed at the park.
Please present your printed online tickets to the Cashier to be redeemed.


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Safety is our #1 focus when it comes to our guests having fun at Boomers Palm Springs!

Rock Wall Climbers must weigh between 45 lbs and 200 lbs to climb

Full enclosed shoes are required to climb

Remember that your legs are stronger than your arms.  Focus on your leg placement when climbing

Watch other Climbers to learn different techniques

Respect the safety of fellow Climbers

No unruly conduct while harnessed in - do not run or swing from the rope

Have fun!

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