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Boomers Palm Springs

Best Outdoor Go Kart Racing for Kids

Experience Go Kart Racing at Boomers Palm Springs to satisfy your need for speed with fast turns, blazing speeds, and hair-in-the-wind fun! Find out our Go Kart rules, restrictions, and unbeatable prices here!

Best Outdoor Go Kart Racing for Kids

Boomers Palm Springs offers the best outdoor Go Kart track in Palm Springs!
  The quarter mile track features hairpin turns, banked curves, and straightaways that make it easy to pass your friends and family. 
Each go kart session runs for five minutes. 
Boomers Palm Springs offers both single and double seater Go Karts.

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Purchase your tickets online to save time and money!

Bring your online printed ticket to the Cashier when you arrive at Boomers Vista to redeem your online voucher. 

Get your heart racing on the Go Kart Track at Boomers Palm Springs!  Race against your friends and family on our high speed Go Karts, which are perfect for speed and adrenaline junkies.  Test your driving skills through the hairpin turns and passing your competitors on the straightaways.  Boomers Palm Springs Go Kart Racing will fill your need for speed!

Looking for a fun and affordable way to spend your day or just an hour? 
Boomers Palm Springs 
offers unbeatable low prices. 
Choose from single ride tickets or one of our Play Packages.


Go Kart Ticket - 5 Minute Session
$12.99 per person

2 Hours Unlimited Rides & Mini Golf
$21.99 online / $24.99 in park

4 Hour Unlimited Rides & Mini Golf
$29.99 online / $32.99 in park

All Day Unlimited Rides & Mini Golf
$36.99 online / $39.99 in park


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For Safety:  Hair longer than shoulder length must be securely tied up above shoulders. 
Shoes must be secure; no loose footwear such as flip-flops, open-heel sandals or clogs. Headwear of any kind, loose/dangling clothing or accessories, are prohibited.  All guests are urged to carefully review the attached for more detailed information:  CLOTHING HAZARDS.   Special conditions apply for our guests wearing hijabs, our guests wearing turbans or patkas, and to our guests wearing yarmulkes. Be safe and have fun!

Drivers must be 58" or taller 
Passengers must be at least 40" tall 
Drivers must be 18 years or older to drive a passenger

Bumping is not permitted on the track.

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